Rose Digital Sales Introduction

  1. About Us

Rose Digital Sales are the pioneers that provide Lean Digital Sales solutions for Enterprises. Accordingly, Rose Digital Sales will combine Digital Marketing and Digital Sales tools to create effective, saving, end-to-end process sales solutions, and technological innovation to dominate the market for Business.

  1. Areas Of Expertise 

Areas of expertise include Technology Products, Finance, Insurance, Real Estate, F&B, Fashion, Services, Transportation, Import-Export, E-commerce, Wholesale, Retail, FinTech, Education, Legal Advice …

  1. The Services Rose Digital Sales Provided Include:

– Consulting on strategy and setting up implementation plans for Digital Sales, Digital Marketing.

– Branding strategy consulting for the small and medium enterprises: brand name, slogan, brand identity.

– Consulting branding strategies for the individuals effectively.

– Advising on tools and methods of the effective KPI measurement of Digital Marketing and Digital Sales teams.

– Consulting and setting up the policies for Digital Sales – Digital Marketing is reasonable, creating motivation for development.

– Consulting on the strategy of building a team of Affiliate Marketing and consulting on the company model, how to build up Affiliate Marketing technology products (Website and App Mobile)

– Consulting on the solutions to improve human resources skills and improve English communication skills with technology tools and online English teaching models from native teachers.

– Training and consulting the skills for the Digital Sales team

– Training and consulting on digital marketing practice skills.

Particularly, the training section will research industries, specific features of the enterprises, and products to develop appropriate curricula.

– Consulting and designing the communication publications, Marketing for businesses and individuals: Logo, Banner, Flyer, Name card, Name card QR, Landing Page, Website, Fanpage, Blog, Brochure, Catalogue …

– Building up and managing the Marketing communication channels such as Tik Tok, Youtube, Blog, Website, Landing Page, Fanpage, Instagram, group, community …

– Running Digital Marketing to commit the number of Views, reactions and predict conversion rate: Google ads, Facebook ads, Youtube ads, Zalo Ads, Fanpage Content, SEO Content 

– Managing Fanpage, Website, and Marketing communication channels.

– Building up the Online booths on E-commerce platforms: Shopee, Lazada, Tiki, Sendo, …

F&B Platforms like Grab, Now, Baemin …

– Recruitment of human resources for Digital Marketing, Digital Sales

  1. The Core Value That Rose Digital Sales Provide

For Rose Digital Sales, client satisfaction is our pride.

If you do not have enough time or finances to build up and maintain satisfactory business development personnel teams,  Rose Digital Sales will provide the optimal solution for your business.

5. Contact Us

Nguyen Xuan Hong
Founder Rose Digital Sales Solution (

Phone/Zalo/Whatsapp: +84931440790

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